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Ten Times Karen Salmansohn Resonated Perfectly with Me

 (When I Really Needed It) **And so now for a little inspiration… I am a big fan & “Like” her Facebook page, but it has been totally uncanny some days when one of Karen Salmansohn’s illustrated quotes has randomly showed up on my FB newsfeed...and then it’s just the thing, I mean the exact thing… Continue reading Ten Times Karen Salmansohn Resonated Perfectly with Me

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Everything Zen…I Don’t Think So

Recently it occurred to me that I too often am not living my life in a very Zen-like way. I hear my inner voice, or my inner critic, chastising me, “That’s not very Zen-like”, it admonishes, but the thing is: I want to be more Zen-like. I want to be more tolerant, more at peace,… Continue reading Everything Zen…I Don’t Think So

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Let’s Go to the Movies, Annie

My life has spanned the Seventies, the Eighties, the Nineties, Y2K to today. At different times I’ve measured it in different ways; chronologically, in milestones, the "no kids-kids at home-grown kids" years, where I lived, from elementary school to college, before and after marriage, etcetera. This is a first though, measuring it, and I use… Continue reading Let’s Go to the Movies, Annie

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Make Just One Someone Happy

…And you will be happy, too   Preface Sometimes I chalk energy and having lots of it, up to things like; adrenalin, a good night’s sleep, cardio, eating lots of nutrient-rich foods, spending time outdoors in the sunshine…because they are all proven. But happiness can bring energy up, and conversely unhappiness can bring energy… Continue reading Make Just One Someone Happy