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The Story of a Girl (Part Three)

To recap: It begs the question, have you ever wondered just how much the Universe is capable of conspiring to make something happen…to make something come true? To bring two people together…

Part Two continued the story of a girl, and her journey to happiness. She’ll again be typed in this color and she’ll be known simply as the girl. As before there are also three boys, there’s the ex and he’ll be this color and called the ex. There is also the boy, he’ll be this color and called the boy. (And last, but not until the very end of this story, there will appear a third and final main character; the One, and he’ll be typed in this color as the One.)

OUAT there was a girl

Part Three (The Game of It)

We continue where we left off; the boy had caused a scene at a party, the ex had punched him, the girl paid the price…and as we see what came next, we are left wondering if it’s even conceivable that it’s all part of the Universe’s grand plan? Could this possibly be true?

Within days of the fateful party, and the aftermath; this included the boy capitalizing on the girl’s naïveté by emotionally coercing her into owing him sexual relations, and the shame that followed, it was what happened next that was harder to explain…it was as if she had been brainwashed that night.

It was as if the boy had reached inside her head and scrambled her brains to fulfill his wants. She was no longer using her instincts, maybe she felt that she couldn’t trust them, or maybe it was something else. Once again she attempted a relationship with him, and once again it failed, but that would have been much too neatly packaged to be our ending…

Much to the girl’s shock it became apparent that she could be pregnant, and this truly was a shock as she knew she’d been “careful”. You know…back when she’d been made to feel responsible for someone else’s’ actions…she’d used birth control, no mistakes were made there. Or so she’d thought; funny thing about that, and something she knew nothing about – medicine she’d been prescribed by her father’s doctor had interacted with her “little pill”.

The girl was scared. Truth be told, she was terrified. After several weeks of denial, she went with a friend to see a doctor. He asked her a few questions, while consulting a calendar, then surmised that she could not be pregnant, and she chose to believe him.

He was completely wrong though, and it only took a little more time to confirm that. She told her parents. They were really quite compassionate, considering that they were no doubt scared shitless, as well.

She finished school, graduated on time, and unlike Movies-of-the-Week it all unfolded with little fanfare, either that or her friends sheltered her well? Of little surprise, her biggest obstacle was dealing with the boy. She knew there were a few girls, when it came time for Prom, who were making their feelings known at her expense, but she ignored them in public and saved it for crying herself to sleep.

As mentioned though, dealing with the boy was complicated, he’d amped up his attempts to talk and she was sure he’d simply talk her to death if the opportunity arose. He hounded her, night and day, until she effectively banned him from her life.

Maybe it was pregnancy hormones, but she got kind of tough skinned and concentrated on her future. She figured she had choices to make, life altering and defining ones, and the first one she made was to keep this baby. The second one would be where to go to school, as she knew that it was unrealistic to go far away from her parents to her far-away dream school. This made her heart heavy.

It was really difficult once the time came for her friends to go off to their fancy schools as she’d always imagined herself doing. They were super fabulous though; sending her letters in the post, calling from their dorms, coming home to visit her.

Meanwhile she knew that the boy had started school in a city an hour away. She was a little jealous of this. And she’d not really spoken to him all summer long. It had given her time to enjoy the last few months of her youth before she became a mom.

It was all surreal and kind of went by in a blur.


A beautiful, healthy baby was born that autumn, coming into the world surrounded by love. Just before this lovely doll was born the boy had called the girl, and she’d taken this call. But she hadn’t told him that labor had begun. She knew, with absolute certainty, that she could not have him there in the hospital for the birth.

Instead she and baby were encircled by her loving family who stayed throughout. At some point, with her consent, someone did get word to the boy and his family. And he did come to see the baby at the hospital.

As did so many of her family and friends, they paraded in to see her and baby during their hospital stay, and it took a while before she was finally alone with the boy and baby. It was around this point that her maternal instincts, as well as her post-partum hormones, flooded her system.

The boy began to tell her how much he wanted them to be a family; the three of them.

She began to question herself once again. She’d done such a bang-up job compartmentalizing that her broken parts were all tucked away and she could actually look at the boy without wanting to run and hide. She started to ask herself if sweet baby didn’t deserve to be part of a family unit.

Confusion took up residence in her mind, as well as her heart.


It took roughly four months for yet another attempt at a relationship to crumble. She and baby were doing well though, they’d stayed with her family, and she’d gone back to the same part-time job she’d had in high-school to begin saving up for them to move out.

And she’d decided to go to a school closer to home. Having spent some time at the boy’s school she knew it was a good one, so she applied and was accepted there. The next step was renting their first apartment. The girl was even introduced to a guy by some friends, and she tried a casual, long distance relationship on for size.

During the summer she and baby moved down to the city and she prepared to start school. She continued the casual long distance relationship, seeing him on holiday long weekends. The girl knew that it wasn’t ever going to be serious, but she wanted to feel alive and desirable.

Word spread that the boy was also seeing someone. The girl was thrilled to discover that this news did not bother her one bit.

What did bother her was that when it came time for her frosh week, the weeklong event specifically arranged for freshmen to meet and greet other frosh, the boy would not look after baby so that she could participate. Instead he went to the events for the second time!

She started to get a strong suspicion that this was just the beginning of what was to come as she attempted to share parenting of her sweet baby with the boy who was becoming more of a nemesis than family. She had no idea of the nightmare about to unfold.


Max Erhman Universe

So again we arrive at the question that sits at the heart of this story in all its parts; was this all the Universe’s grand plan?

Was it all necessary? How much can a person handle on their journey? Is there a breaking point?

And why was it all happening just as she’d thought she was making a life

Next post: Part Four (The Mind-Games of It)

— Raina K Morton December 9 2014

*Title from the 2000* song Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days
**The color coding is purely for identifiable reasons & whimsy, anything else is a coincidence**
***This author claims all rights to this story about a girl in all its parts***

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