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The Story of a Girl (Part Two)

To recap: It begs the question, have you ever wondered just how much the Universe is capable of conspiring to make something happen…to make something come true? To bring two people together…

Part One began the story of a girl, and her journey to happiness. She’ll again be typed in this color and she’ll be known simply as the girl. As before there are also three boys, there’s the ex and he’ll be this color and called the ex. There is also the boy, he’ll be this color and called the boy. (And last, but not until the very end of this story, there will appear a third and final main character; the One, and he’ll be typed in this color as the One.)

OUAT there was a girl

Part Two (The Shame of It)

We continue where we left off; the girl was realizing what a mistake she’d made by not following her feelings and her instincts, and by instead falling for a manipulative line from the boy. She was beginning to wonder why she’d never broken up with the ex, that she’d remained just friends with the boy, but the reality was that she had made choices, and at the heart of everything was her need for independence and living life on her own terms…and in knowing what came next, we are left wondering if it’s all part of the Universe’s grand plan? Could this be true?

After a couple of months of trying to make a relationship work with the boy, the girl was done. It wasn’t working and she knew it with every breath she took. She was pretty certain that he knew, too, but he wanted to, in his words, “keep trying”.

The girl wanted to enjoy her final year in school with her friends…single. It was at this point that she seriously started to wonder about the boy’s emotional state. Back before they’d started dating he’d told her things about his life that he’d said made him very unhappy and she’d always felt really bad for him because of these. In fact, whenever he confessed his problems and heartaches it seemed to directly affect her decision to give a relationship with him another try. Those, and her own insecurities, that is.

Fast forward a few months into the school year. She’d been doing her best to extricate herself from the failed relationship. The boy didn’t make it easy though. Thankfully she had some amazing friends who really stood up for her and did their best to keep him away from her.

One night the girl went to a party with her friends. What had started out as a fun outing though quickly dissolved after she realized he was there, too. Despite trying to make the most of it, and after several attempts by the boy to drag her off “to talk”, her friends intervened yet again and told him firmly to leave her alone.

He crossed the room and stared daggers at her while everyone else there laughed and carried on, while music played, while people came and went. He commented angrily if she laughed too hard. She was getting really tired of it all when suddenly she saw something unexpected…the ex had walked in.

She’d thought he’d be back at college by now. Before long she realized he’d set her heart aflutter when she saw him. As soon as he saw her there his smile grew huge and he came straight over to her. They started catching up and everything else disappeared.

Briefly that is, for as soon as she’d started talking with the ex, the boy had started to get agitated.

And then at some point he crossed the room and stood between them facing the ex, telling him the girl did not want to talk to him. He repeated this a number of times, while the ex kept telling him to back off and walk away. The girl didn’t know what to do, she was in disbelief that the boy had done this.

Then the boy started swearing at the ex and quickly things started to escalate. It all happened so fast. The girl looked around helplessly, panicking and pleading for someone who might fix this.

In retrospect it wasn’t a surprise what happened next, the ex snapped, the boy had gone too far – running his mouth, and then the ex had lost it and punched him…apparently right in the face.

The girl didn’t see it happen as she stood as if glued in place, frantically searching for her friends. When she heard the noise she quickly refocused on the scene; guys rushed at the ex and quickly led him outside (she wouldn’t see him again that night), the boy had covered his face with his hands while his blood was seemingly everywhere. The girl went into some kind of shock.

She would never, ever be able to forget how at that moment he looked at her with such malice, such blatant hatred; it had changed his eyes into someone unknown to her just as the swelling was making his face less recognizable. It was beyond chilling.

But it was what came out of his mouth that really broke her.

In a very cold even voice he told her to look at what she had done. He told her that it was all.her.fault.

It is not exactly known why this cut her to the bone, but it was as if he had cast a spell, or maybe a curse on her. Or maybe something deep, deep within her soul had simply cracked and fragmented.


The next event that happened was very, very painful for the girl and it would take her many years to be able to articulate what transpired. Let alone accept it.


It was at this point in our story that the boy cleverly and effectively, emotionally coerced the girl into doing something that she really, really did not want to do, by making it known that she owed it to him to make up for what she had just done, the mess that she had just caused, literally and figuratively.

Of course, we on the outside can see the red flags, we know that she had not done anything to him, and she would never, ever owe it to someone to engage in sexual activity with them. No one ever had or has the right to pressure her, or anyone else, into sex.

But unfortunately the girl did not know how to handle this situation, and as was mentioned earlier, she was very young and inexperienced, and she was overcome with shame. At that time it seemed like either outcome would result in this shame.

And so she acquiesced and did as she felt she was obligated to do…and somewhere deep inside her, a seed of shame implanted itself. And it would begin to grow.


It turns out that it may be very hard to identify sexual coercion while being sexually coerced. In Emotional Sexual Coercion, a person takes advantage of trust, intimacy, or emotional instability to garner sexual favors. Emotional sexual coercion may include the following: Exploitation of emotions of the other person. Using emotional pressure and guilt. Threatening that if sexual encounters do not occur, something bad will.


As almost always there were some heavy consequences from this particular night. And things were about to take yet another crazy turn, one that would have some people quite certain there would be no way that the girl could handle things.

So again we arrive at the question that sits at the heart of this story in all its parts; was this all the Universe’s grand plan?

The Universe Can Be Cruel

Was it all necessary? How much can a person handle on their journey? Is there a breaking point?

And it was all happening just as she’d thought she was back on track…

Next post: Part Three (The Game of It)

— Raina K Morton December 2 2014

*Title from the 2000* song Absolutely (Story of a Girl) by Nine Days
**The color coding is purely for identifiable reasons & whimsy, anything else is a coincidence**
***This author claims all rights to this story about a girl in all its parts***

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